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The commercial Portion PadL as seen in this video is made from an NSF and FDA approved composition material. It is 100% made in the USA. Probably the easiest to use pizza cutting guide on the market.


Single-Side Portion PadL


The Portion Peel


Square PadL


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Lasagna Padl


Featuring our Lasagna PadL with 3 different cutting options. To get more information on this product contact us at (330) 608-5928 or click GET INFO.


Sell pizza by the slice? Reduce food waste, Increase profits. Thank you for inquiring about the patent pending commercial Portion PadL. The commercial Portion PadL is one of the most popular pizza portioning tools used worldwide. Custom made to your pizza size and slice applications, this pizza cutting board reduces food waste, increases profits and improves efficiencies. Simple to use and easy to clean, a new employee will be able to cut pizzas into equal slices their very first time.

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Portion PadL is trusted by some of the world’s most respected brands