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The difference between being a profitable and thriving restaurant or pizza business verses operating a failing business can be a lack of understanding any or a part of the complexities with operating your business. There are tools and resources that are available to improve your restaurant’s food quality, kitchen efficiencies, inventory control, managing employee retention and understanding your company financials. Perfecting these areas of operation can result in the form of operating the most efficient and profitable kitchen with growing sales. Hiring top restaurant, pizza and software consultants can be a great return on investment. Throughout the years I have developed a relationship with some of the nation’s top consultants. Below are restaurant and pizza experts I highly recommended.

Grow Your Pizzeria


Perfecting Pizza is a subscription-based consulting service that provides the tools needed to open, operate, and grow your pizzeria.

President: Michael Shepherd

Vice President: Slier Chapman

As most of those who own a pizza carry out business or a full-service restaurant quickly realize, making a profit is a challenge. Food and labor cost take up a good part of a pizza business’s profits. Rent, utilities, payroll taxes, legal costs, automation and consumer trends take up additional profits making net profits slim to losing money. Due to lack of experience or not recognizing how to overcome operational or industry changes can quickly change a profitable business into the next business that is out of business. There are some business owners who can naturally operate their business. To stay profitable, most of us, need some help from industry experts to stay profitable. Some time’s it’s hard to find the right consultant specific to the pizza industry.

I don’t contact pizza consultants to recommend or endorse the Portion PadL. I feel the Portion PadL is a necessary tool that should be in every pizza operation. If pizza consultants don’t understand the value of the Portion PadL, I question the value of the pizza consultant’s knowledge.

Michael Shepherd called me about a large chain of cruise lines that sell a lot of pizza every day. Michael told me he had researched all the pizza devices that help cut pizzas into equal slice. He concluded that the Portion PadL was by far the most efficient and cost-effective pizza portioning tool on the market.


Who is Michael Shepherd?

Michael has been a pizza business owner for over twenty years. He has owned a pizza carry out, only, carry out and delivery and a full-service pizzeria. During the years of owning his three pizza businesses, Michael won local and national awards for his quality pizzas and incredible growth. He consistently earned over 20% net profits for all three of his pizza businesses Michael is also a member of the World Pizza Champions – America’s #1 Pizza Team. The World Pizza Champions are group pizza business owners dedicated to making the best tasting pizza with traditional and innovative ingredients. The team competes world-wide to represent some of America’s quality and best tasting pizzas. Michael is retired from owning and operating his businesses. He is now teaching the principles that made his three businesses that made him so successful. Want to read more about Michael Shepherd’s credentials? Check his credentials out at,

When using Michael’s consulting services, you not only get Michael’s expertise, you also receive advice from his business partner, Siler Chapman.

Who is Siler Chapman?

Siler Chapman owned three successful full-service restaurants, Si’s Pizzeria. If you think owning one restaurant is head spinning, operating multiple locations is a delicate balance between success and total failure. He was also one of the founding members of the World Pizza Champions. Siler is an award-winning pizza champion too. Siler’s credentials and Perfecting Pizza’s team of pizza advisor’s credentials can also be found at,

Want to learn more about Perfecting Pizza’s services, including their free content? Interested in a 14 day free trial? Check their website out at,