Single-Side Portion PadL

Single-Side Portion PadL


Custom made to your pizza size and slice applications, this pizza cutting board reduces food waste, increases profits and improves efficiencies.

Single-Side Portion PadL

  • Perfect for cutting multiple size pizzas that are cut into the same slice

  • The ultimate compliance tool for the FDA menu labeling law that require pizzas to be portioned (cut) into equal slices

  • 1/4 inch: The 1/4 inch thick Portion PadL is perfect for single slice applications with one or more centering circles for multiple pizza sizes. The diameter of the Portion PadL is always 3 inches bigger than the biggest centering circle.

  • Note: The No HandL Portion PadL with the Grip and Go Border Serving Tray are perfect for serving pizzas to your dining guests, buffet lines and under warming lamps.

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